Happy Birthday to Dylan Hampton, Justin Macklin & Chasen Rysavy

Hicks Scan ~ At all times guards should know the location of their worse victim.  Now imagine that the location of your worse victim is the middle of the court in tennis.  Like the middle of the court in tennis, the location of your worse victim is the reference point that your eyes need to return to.  After monitoring your worse victim, quickly scan the water from your reference point to one of your adjacent towers.  Once your eyes locate your adjacent tower’s buoy, immediately recover and get your eyes back to your reference point. Reaccess your worse victim and then repeat the scan on the opposite side.  Your reference point (worse victim’s location) may change frequently based on the quality of swimmers in your water.  This dynamic scanning technique should be repeated the entire day.  With experience, you will find yourself using this technique without even thinking about what you are doing. ~ By Steven C. Hicks