Bowling 2007

GroupHicks Wins 2007 Bowling Title ~ After losing game one by a team average of 107.20 to 107.06, GroupHicks responded to the challenge.  Chris Egan led the group to a victory in game two by bowling 169.  Egan’s game of 169 was the highest score of the night.  Egan bowled three strikes in a row during the second game.  Check the photo below for proof.  GroupHicks dominated the “A Team”, in game two, out averaging them 118.56 to 98.93.  A concern regarding non-scoring bowlers was resolved prior to the start of the final and deciding game.  Surprisingly both teams had their worst average of the night in the final game.  This perhaps was due to the large number of bowlers over the age of twenty-one.  The final game was won by GroupHicks with an average of 100.25 to 97.21.  Before the competition, a coin was flipped to decide who got Boat Operator Matt Kelso, and Permanent Lifeguard Ryan Gates.  Kelso went to the “A Team” and averaged 105, Gates averaged 106.33 for GroupHicks.
Craig Lumb narrowly beat Damien Bernard for the highest overall average of the night.  Lumb squeaked by with an average of 142.67 to Bernard’s 142.50 average.  This was the second consecutive year that Lumb finished with the highest average despite not bowling the highest game.  Last year, Chris Morgan, a no-show for GroupHicks this year, bowled the highest game, bowling 180.  This year, Egan’s 169 led all bowlers.  Other top performers in the group were Hank Hymanson – 130.33 average, Nick Martinazzi- 126.67 average, and Chris Egan- 124.00 average.

The “A Team” was led by perennial top performer Gary Willems- 136.67 average, and Bobby Eastman- 125.33 average.  

This was the first of the three group competitions.  For more information on further events go to

GroupHicks results               “A Team” results

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